Conditions of use

We reserve the right not to supply. Obviously, you will be refunded should this occur.

Whilst we are happy to receive calls and Emails, do not bombard us daily! Think carefully before you ask us questions - as I do not have all day to sit here and correspond - I am busy running the business!

If an item is out of stock, we will offer you a refund or the option to receive the first of the next batch we receive. We try hard to keep the site up to date, but naturally, we will get caught out from time to time.

If you criticise us on web forums, you will not be welcome at hva-factory. I will not enter in to any web discussions other than privately and with dignity.

Please remember that this business exists only to help the Husqvarna vintage community. I do it for the enjoyment of knowing that we help people stay on the track!

Andy Elliott (owner)