Privacy Policy

We will not pass on your details to anyone that does not need them. Obviously, in shipping you parts, we will need to provide external people with enough detail to send out your items!

We may from time to time, email you with significant updates or if we need to contact you regarding your orders. Please try and keep your details up to date, as we do not want to ship parts to your old address.

Cookie Policy

Session Cookies

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This cookie would allow us to track your visit in a basic way in order to improve your website experience. For example, we could use it to show you products you have recently viewed during this visit.

However, we do not actively use this cookie in any way at this point in time and when you close your browser, this cookie is immediately destroyed.

Third Party Cookies

We also use cookies for Google Analytics (Google Analytics Cookie Details) in order to give us information on website usage statistics on

When you visit you will be given the option to opt out of these cookies in accordance to recent changes on laws about Cookies in the EU.